APOT Guinness Book Record Challenge 2023​

APOT has a tradition of doing things differently! A perfect example of this is our commitment to attempting World Record Challenges and we have successfully made it into the renowned Guinness Book Of Records on previous occasions. The last time this was achieved was again here in Danang with the world’s Longest Spring Roll at a staggering 500m!

Partnering with Danang City Tourism, World Chefs Association and Golden Bay Hotel, APOT is going for The Largest Chicken Noodle Soup Carnival in the world with participation from restaurants and outlets across the entire city of Danang.


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Main carnival Location – Golden Bay Hotel.

  • The whole city including cafes, restaurants, hotels will participate.
  • We will create one local soup recipe “PHO GA” – a traditional Vietnamese Chicken Broth with Noodles
  • Each participant will have badges to hand to every consumer of the soup.
  • Full program for the day will follow (watch this space).
  • There will be one single selling price.
  • Organisers will finalise serving numbers per location.
  • Volunteers from colleges and judges from around the world will  participate.
  • Arrange counting procedures will follow Guinness Book requirements to audit properly.
  • We will Coordinate with local chefs: Engage Vietnamese chefs president and local chef association, culinary schools, and professionals from Danang City to participate in the event.
  • Local Media and appointed photographers and videographers will document the entire event.
  • This documentation will be used for verification purposes and to showcase the spectacular record-breaking achievement.
  • We will then submit evidence to Guinness World Records.
  • After the carnival, compile all the required evidence and submit it to Guinness World Records for review.
  • Follow their guidelines and provide accurate documentation, including witnesses, videos, photos, and participant records.