APOT.Asia - Asia Pacific On-board Travel

Welcome to APOT, the region’s foremost representative group for professionals in the Airline Hospitality, Services and Supply Industry.

Our main focus is as a networking forum for people and companies involved in onboard hospitality create opportunities and to promote regional tourism and destinations through our members and their influence.

2018 marks a new beginning for APOT. The planned activities for last year were thwarted by unfortunate circumstances beyond our control but our resolve is to build on the successes of previous events and develop APOT as the leading networking environment for Asia.

We are forging strategic alliances that will add real reciprocal value to our membership and for those working with us.

Later this year we are planning for the major APOT meeting to be held in Perth W.A. on 24th – 26th June. More details will be sent out in due course.


WHO's in APOT.Asia?
Groups currently involved in APOT include
  • Airline In-flight Services Management
  • Airline In-flight product Suppliers
  • Airline Caterers
  • Catering Product suppliers
  • Airline Travel and Sales Management
  • Media and network partners
  • Hotels and Hotel management
  • Travel Agencies
  • Regional tourism and destination drivers
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Some of the benefits being involved in APOT include;
  • Meeting new businesses and new friends
  • New and creative ideas
  • Resume submit or search
  • News letter and updates
  • Market your product to the niche market
  • Networking opportunities
  • Being part of a hard working, fun loving, highly motivated, great group of industry professionals.
  • Tourism industry management.


Please watch this space for Mercury regional activities

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APOT Events

2017 - Bali
2015 - Sri Lanka
2014 - India
2014 - Vietnam
2012 - Korea
2011 - Bali