Founder’s Statement

Welcome to the website of Asia Pacific Onboard Travel (APOT). Our organization was established with the vision of creating a community where professionals from the airline and related industries can network in a relaxed environment. At APOT, our primary goal is to foster connections and facilitate networking opportunities with industry leaders from around the world, with a special focus on Asia. We believe in the power of collaboration and aim to bring together like-minded individuals who are passionate about the aviation and related industries.

...As a non-profit organization, we are committed to providing unique and innovative networking experiences to member delegates. We pride ourselves on being the only organization dedicated to this agenda in the region, highlighting our commitment to creating a strong professional community in the Asia Pacific. To achieve our mission, we organize annual or biannual meetups in various locations within the region. These events serve as a platform for industry professionals to interact, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful relationships. By networking differently, we aim to enhance collaboration and drive positive change in the airline industry. As a forward-thinking organization, we constantly strive to create fresh and exciting activities for our members to engage in. We are always seeking new ways to network, connect and learn from one another. We believe that every event is an opportunity to expand our professional networks and create valuable partnerships.We look forward to welcoming you to our events and experiencing the unique networking opportunities that APOT has to offer. Together, let us shape the future of our industries and establish lasting connections within the Asia Pacific region.

Comment from APOT’s CEO

Dear Friends and Industry Colleagues,

After a break of far too long, at last we have the opportunity to meet again. The timing could not be more perfect as we witness the fastest renewal and growth in our industry in history right now.

We are all busy, but now is the exact time to take a short breath, meet old friends, make new acquaintances and most importantly, to network, share, learn and discover from each other so we may arm ourselves as we march forth into the future. Whether you’re an APOT veteran or a welcome newcomer, I am positive that you will leave Danang refreshed and with new friends and ideas.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you all to Danang in November for the best APOT ever!

Jeremy Clark – CEO

WHO’s in APOT.Asia?

Groups currently involved in APOT include

  • Airline In-flight Services Management
  • Airline In-flight product Suppliers
  • Airline Caterers
  • Catering Product suppliers
  • Airline Travel and Sales Management
  • Media and network partners
  • Hotels and Hotel management
  • Travel Agencies
  • Regional tourism and destination drivers
  • Airline Freight Forwarding Companies
  • Regional Tour Operators

  • Some of the benefits being involved in APOT include:

  • Meeting new businesses and new friends
  • New and creative ideas
  • Resume submit or search
  • Newsletter and updates
  • Market your product to the niche market
  • Networking opportunities
  • Being part of a hard working, fun loving, highly motivated, great group of industry professionals.
  • Tourism industry management.


It is with great pleasure that we welcome the launching of Asia Pacific On-board Travel-APOT. Asia.

Korean Air recognizes the importance and high standard of In-flight Service industry in the region, thus we share the hopes and expectations to further improve the industry through APOT. Asia.

Please rest assured that Korean Air will provide full support and commitment for the success of the new organization. We trust that our valued partnership in the region will be enhanced through APOT. Asia forums and events.

Heather Cho, Korean Air

It’s appropriate that our Asia Pacific region is the launching pad for Asia Pacific Onboard Travel (APOT.Asia).

The growth in the Airline industry throughout our region is well documented and it’s now both timely and appropriate that APOT.Asia brings together local and international industry leaders and their organizations to meet and discuss matters of common interest.

Peter Smith, Alpha Flight Services

As we say in airline business….

It is a new product, yes Asia Pacific was waiting for this day for long time and it is here now.

APOT.Asia is needed badly for this region, and it has arrived at the right time.

The other part of the world travel industry suffers from so many different objectives. The vibrant Asia and the Pacific is taking the Airline industry to the top and making their mark in winning the best achievements and producing a high quality product in every way.

Keerthi Hapugasdeniya, happyK Solutions

Greetings from Aerofood ACS Indonesia. It is our pleasure to Welcome and support APOT.Asic1 for its first Forum in one of our paradise’s islands.

Bali has attractive surroundings both mountain and coastal areas, diverse tourist attractions, excellent international and local restaurants, and the friendliness of the local people.

S.Saptono, PT Angkasa Citra Sarana Catering Service

Asia and Pacific  region, being the fastest growing travel region in the world with China and India opening up to world travel requires strong networking opportunities.

The region has a lot to offer.

It has many established large carriers and new concept airlines like Etihad Airways with fast growth and new vision of air travel. On the other side low service airline creating new service standards and trends.

Werner Georg Kimmeringer, Etihad Airways

At a time when Asia/Pacific Region and Middle East lead the way in airline industry growth, it’s great to have APOT to facilitate a productive gathering of airline and related industry professionals. This will enable all of us to learn from industry leaders as well as from each other.

Sarath Fernando, Sri Lankan Airlines Catering

Hi guys, what a great idea and what a great timing – Having Asia Pacific organisation was needed for long time, we as European base Inflight product suppliers would love be part of the organisation to meet and learn how things happen in Asia and Pacific part of the world.

This type of organisation was needed for long time and it would not have come on any better time than this, well done APOT team we are behind you and we will give you the support you need from Frankanburg.

See you guys in Bali first week June.

Rüdiger Friedrichs, Frankenberg GmbH

To have the event within Asia Pacific region will be more worthwhile since the target audience are all based here, Less time wasted to adjust time difference and so on when we travel long distance destinations.

Easier to adapt and understand local culture and mass market’s demand.

Great idea and it is perfectly timed where really needed programme like this for our region.

Shireen Chia, AirAsia Berhad

To have the event within Asia Pacific region will be more worthwhile since the target audience are all based here, Less time wasted to adjust time difference and so on when we travel long distance destinations.

Easier to adapt and understand local culture and mass market’s demand.

Great idea and it is perfectly timed where really needed programme like this for our region.

Shireen Chia, AirAsia Berhad

Our region is the fastest growing within our industry and at the same time unique to other regions and areas.

This is a great venue and forum for all the participants to showcase their ideas, notions and know how,  we can discuss the way forward for the demands
that will be upon us in the years ahead.

Lou D'alessio, Alpha Flight Services

Congratulations on the setting up of This is very timely as Asia Pacific is the focus of the future of Travel industry.

The focus has to be aligned to meet the initial objectives of networking , synergy, educational for the better advancement of our mutual benefits in the sensitive Travel economy.

Philip Ho, Keisha Trading

I think having a forum on On-board Travel within the Asia Pacific region is a fantastic idea.

Being an independent business owner of an airline catering and food manufacturing company, I think it is important to talk to other people within in industry and having it all in one place, so close to home is ideal!

Ismail Hazif, Perth In-flight Catering & Pic Fresh

As the aviation Retail and Buy On Board sector matures and grows, I believe a need exists for a vehicle in our region though which the latest trends, latest products and most up to date news about our industry can be disseminated. The opportunity to hear and share ideas with others in the travel sector would also be of value.

The opportunity to meet with Airlines, suppliers, manufacturers, regulators and relevant subject matter experts and tackle some of the common issue that effect each of us is always invaluable.

Ian Bollen, Gate Gourmet Services & Inflight Logistic Services

The news of an assembly of an Asia Pacific On-board Travel organization ( seems to me to be most timely for the region and I would give it my full support.

Meeting on the Island of Bali which is ideally situated to host the APOT conference, Geographically perfectly situated to host visitors from the vast Australasian region.

Bob Ferguson, Former Senior Vice President Aircraft Catering Emirates

When it comes to the personalised “YES” Bali is the answer for the launching of Asia Pacific On-board Travel- APOT, with the spirit to build the foundation among On-board Travel Industry definitely will strengthening our professional and mutual benefits across the border not only Airline industry and In-flight Catering but also Travel Agent and Hotel Accommodation.

Bravo,… APOT Asia, and will always support.

Bambang Sujatmiko, Aerofood

Asia – Pacific is referred to as the fastest developing region of the world meanwhile it also is a multi-culture region which incorporated with countries at different levels of development and living standard. In the light of that a forum that focusing on the regional issues and aiming to help the relevant parties to improve services quality and management efficiency is a great idea!

Le Thanh Binh, Noibai catering services Jsc

Since Malaysia/Thailand/Singapore/the Philippines/ Brunei/China/India/Australia and New Zealand have all taken steps to tap into the global Halal market. There is great potential for this region in developing and promoting the halal products and services for global market.

Statement of facts – The Halal products and services are gaining increasing acceptability among non-Muslims and created interest among food and non food producing countries – Muslim and non-Muslim.

Hj. Rafek Saleh, Malaysia Airlines

Congratulations to APOT Asia for its successful launch!

APOT is a powerhouse within the Asia Pacific, and an imminent engine in the aviation industry. This launch will undoubtedly bring a new dimension in bonding friendships that will last forever, by fostering the true spirit of “excellence” in our airline industry. I strongly believe that APOT Asia will be the backbone of a fundamental and strong organization, for many years to come.

Jin-Hong Chung, Korean Air


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