Founder Message

Dear Friends,

In the year 2010 Asia Pacific Onboard Travel organization (APOT) was born, to welcome regional airline industry leaders to network and communicate the current industry trends and update industries educational needs. It has been a very successful implementation of this great industry.

I was invited to create this forum concept by Ms Heather Cho VP of Inflight, Service Delivery of Korean Airlines and Mr Peter Smith the Chairman of Alpha Flight Services. Ms Heather Cho the first Chairman and Mr Peter Smith encourage me to move forward with this organisation and this new type of forum conference concept, so I had the great pleasure to give birth to this great organisation.

The organisation has grown so quickly, and we now are the only this kind of organisation in the Asia Pacific region with over 700 members from around the world.

We definitely do things differently, and we encourage our members to connect with their fellow members to bring business and fun together. The past few years we have managed to connect many industry individuals to bring their business and friendships to the next level.

One of our highlights is our organisation is the annual Forum where we meet at a location to discuss the future of our great industry. During our forumswe stay together at the same location and conduct various networking sessions. Been the leader of its kind of Forum APOT members enjoy the education and networking sessions offered to their delegates.

Currently, our organisation work with many tourism organization to expand travel to Asia’s untouched destinations and implement direct flights to these rural destinations.

We offer our memberships to many of tourism and travel industry leaders and we are a non-profitable organisationwe believe need of the industries requirement of this kind of an organisation. We have been supported by our valuable sponsors where we offer our best possible service to generate more businesses for their businesses.

We welcome all industry leaders to join our organisation and enjoy the benefits we offer during our networking sessions.

Once again thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting you in the future at any of our networking events.

WHO can be involved in APOT.Asia

Below is a list of groups who are currently involved in the organisation and who can also benefit from services offered by APOT.Asia

  • Airline In-flight Services Management
  • Airline In-flight product Suppliers
  • Airline Caterers
  • Catering Product suppliers
  • Airline Travel and Sales Management
  • Media and network partners
  • Hotels and Hotel management
  • Travel Agencies
  • Regional tourism and destination drivers

APOT.Asia consists of people involved in and around the Travel, Tourism and Airline industry in the Asia Pacific region

  • Some of the benefits being involved in APOT include:

  • Meeting new businesses and new friends
  • New and creative ideas
  • Resume submit or search
  • Newsletter and updates
  • Market your product to the niche market
  • Networking opportunities
  • Be a part of a hard working, fun loving, highly motivated, great group of industry professionals.

The benefits for travel industry

  • Travel industry personals can meet with key person from hotels management, airlines, tourism board (APOT member) so they will able to gained information and arrange all types of package to sell to the customer
  • Travel industry personals can plan and executing their program more efficient by enable to access the most up-to-date information on how to get the best value and make decision for traveller with the vacation that’s right for them.
  • By meeting with key person in the forum the travel agencies will know the new tourism destination to be offer and sell, it means they be the first to know and became a trendsetter not follower
  • Know what of domestic and international destination which more interesting and has the better profit
  • Travel industry personals can prepare and provide assistance for travel document in advance to set up new destination package such as travel insurance protection, passport and visa applications, inoculation/booster procedures and other foreign travel requirements.
  • If possible Travel industry personals can have a mutual agreement with airlines, cruise line, railroads etc and access the frequent flier database.
  • Have a strong relationship and share their thoughts and ideas to forum member
  • Travel agencies can have a wide exposure (brand awareness among region) by sponsoring the forum

Why we need APOT

The time is right

In the Airline world, the Asia Pacific Airlines maintain a very high standard of In-flight Services. It is now for time the region meet more frequently at a common place; To help build a better relationship among our region with their business partners and associates. It is also important that the group meet up in this region to promote each other’s products, locations and destinations.

The Industry needs it

The aim of the APOT.Asia organisation is to make our region more attractive to its visitors and to help promote our products and locations to the many businesses around the world. The organisation is designed to share & educate, discuss new ideas, network & listen to vibrant & successful business people who make up the industry. APOT.Asia aims to provide a social environment by keeping events more relaxed and entertaining and memorable among its members.

Its time to do things differently

Having only conferences are not the way to exchange new ideas, in Asia Pacific we must do things differently.

Forums are to be held once a year at a leisurely destination. Not in a business hub! Product and design suppliers will have the opportunity to display and showcase their products to a larger selected audience.

We also realise the importance of having related industries such as tourism travel agents, sales teams and others from the hotel sector, this will pose an excellent opportunity for our on board customers who will surely take advantage of.

The members should treat this forum as educational, relaxed, entertaining and networking.

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