"Jet-setter's Palette: The Ultimate Airline Food Professional Chef Competition"


Welcome aboard the maiden flight of the culinary skies!

In an era where airline passengers crave exceptional dining experiences, airlines are turning to talented chefs from around the world to revolutionize their in-flight menus.

Get ready to witness culinary marvels taking flight as renowned chefs battle it out in our thrilling “Jet-setter’s Palette: The Ultimate Airline Food Professional Chef Competition!” in association with APOT, World Chefs, Furama Beach Resort and Hotel and Tourism Danang.

Competition Format

This high-stakes culinary showdown will bring together esteemed chefs, hailing from diverse culinary backgrounds, to create divine dishes that will tantalize the taste buds of even the most discerning frequent fliers. Throughout the competition, contestants will face numerous challenges showcasing their creativity, efficiency, and ability to adapt to the unique demands of cooking for airline passengers.

Chefs will be tasked with  creating an entirely new menu for a leading airline’s premium cabin. The winning chef will have the honour of having their menu featured on selected flights worldwide, promising an extraordinary in-flight dining experience for passengers across the globe.


“Jet-setter’s Palette: The  Ultimate Airline Food  Professional Chef  Competition” will not only elevate the culinary standards of airline food but will also provide a platform for talented chefs to showcase their skills on an international stage. Stay tuned to witness these chefs’ journey as they transform the skies into a gourmet paradise, redefining the art of in-flight dining and ensuring that every bite becomes an unforgettable experience for traveller’s

The Challenge

In this competition, chefs must present an appetizer that showcases their ability to transform simple ingredients into an extraordinary dining experience. The dish should embrace the excitement of takeoff and set the tone for a remarkable journey.

In this challenge, contestants must devise a main course that stays true to its flavours and textures when served at high altitudes. The dish should embody the elegance and luxury passengers expect during their flight.

Appropriate dessert suitable serve for guests in aircraft and must be presented well to impress.

Chefs will be tasked with representing a culture or country of their choice through their dishes. Each entrant must create an enticing dish inspired by their chosen region, bringing an immersive culinary experience to airline passengers.

Competition Rules and Information

  • Competition Briefing will be held at the host hotel Lobby Lounge, 25th November 2023 evening 16:30hr.
  • Competition will be held in (to be finalized) kitchen on 26th November 2023.
  • Judging will be conducted on the same day and the winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner on the 27th.
  • Competitors must report to kitchen by 0600hr.
  • Competitors are given 5 hours to prepare and finish from 0730hr and finishing at 1230hr. This includes ½ hr briefing and ½ hr clean-down. Actual cooking time: 4 hours.
  • All dishes must be suitable to serve on a commercial airline.
  • Your dishes are to be designed for Business or First Class.
  • You will produce 3 x Three-course meals
    • One set for tasting;
    • One set for presentation and,
    • One set for photographs.
  1. Taste: Flavour profiles, balance, and uniqueness.
  2. Presentation: Attention to detail, artistic plating, and visual appeal.
  3. Practicality: Ability to adapt to the constraints of in-flight dining, including limited space, reheating, and maintaining optimum taste and texture.
  4. Originality:  Innovativeness, culinary vision, and creativity.
  5. Passenger Appeal: Understanding and catering to the desires and preferences of airline passengers.
  • Competitors will need to bring their  ingredients to prepare an AIRLINE suitable dish.
  • Common market products table will be available at the  kitchen door for  competitors to use if needed.
  • Competitors will be provided with a working station.
  • During the hot and cold cooking all chefs must bring their own uniform (white Jacket, black trousers, white chef's hat). These uniforms must not contain company logos or company names.
  • Basic stocks and equipment will be provided to share among competitors.
  • Only competitors can be work in the kitchen.
  • Official Cameraperson will be taking pictures of all dishes and kitchen action.
  1. 50 points - Taste
  2. 20 points - Preparation and cooking methods
  3. 10 points - Personnel hygiene and food safety
  4. 20 points – Practicality and Presentation

How to Apply

  • All applicants must be qualified chefs / cooks, currently working for a recognized airline, hotel, or hospitality establishment.
  • All applicants must have approval from their management for all cost and liabilities.
  • To enter this competition, please submit the following completed Entry Form in English.
  • Successful applicants will be invited to compete in the final round. You will come to Danang and compete on November 26th.

Become a Chef!

$ 50