S.Saptono - PT Angkasa Citra Sarana Catering Service

S.SaptonoGreetings from Aerofood ACS Indonesia. It is our pleasure to Welcome and support APOT.Asic1 for its first Forum in one of our paradise’s islands.

Bali has attractive surroundings both mountain and coastal areas, diverse tourist attractions, excellent international and local restaurants, and the friendliness of the local people.

For over 37 years, Aerofood ACS specialized in providing superior service and products, food & beverages service with the highest quality for domestic and international flights. As We believe in “customer comes first", We devote ourselves in an innovative and creative in the catering service business. It's been a long extraordinary journey since the early days as a pure in-flight caterer; Aerofood ACS today serves a wide variety of business.

The company’s focus on the network expansion and diversification, allows us to persistently assist our customer’s evolving needs. Our expertise and reputation in the catering industry was aggressively enhanced with its business diversification into the industrial catering service (Hospital, Town Site, Mining & Energy Exploration), in-flight logistics and distribution, F&B Service Retail, and also We are now on progress to developing a food industry which will be one of the future business expansion.

Finally, We would like to extend our deep gratitude to APOT.ASIA and Wish that your inaugural forum will be one of the successful events in Bali.

We look forward to having you come onboard!

President Director
PT Angkasa Citra Sarana Catering Service
Aerowisata Park