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Culinary Challenge - APOT Bali 2017

Culinary Challenge

APOT.Asia will be holding the next culinary challenge in Bali on October 22nd 2017. Chefs are invited to compete in the culinary challenge by emailing their application to team@apot.asia - requirements for the application can be found below.

Click here to see the competing chefs and judges

Application process:

  • All applicants must be qualified chefs / cooks, currently working for a recognized airline or an airline caterer.
  • All applicants must have approval from their management for all cost and liabilities.
  • Resume with past experience must be sent with the application.

All applications must:

  1. Complete in English
  2. Applicant must prepare a three-course meal suitable for Business class, and send photos with menu recipes and specifications. (Airline format)
  3. All menu specifications should be included with pictures of the dishes.
  4. All pictures attached should be JPG format.
  5. If cooking method involved clarifications must complete in correct cooking terms.
  6. Proper spelling for cooking terms to be used.

If the applicant is successful for the final round:

  1. Each individual or their companies must cover all related travel, accommodation other related expenses.
  2. All travel and personal insurance and liabilities must cover by the individuals or their companies. APOT.asia will not be able to take any responsibilities.
  3. All special equipment or tools to be supplied by the applicants.

The food presentation for the first round entry:

  1. All applicants must complete the following entry on the form:
  • Full Name:
  • Preferred name to be called:
  • Age:
  • Nationality:
  • Passport Number:
  • Sex:
  • Postal Address:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number best contactable:
  • Second preferred contact number:
  • Your Establishment / Employer:
  • Establishment Address:
  • Immediate Manager:
  • Immediate Managers contact details:
  • Phone number:
  • Email Address:
  • Your entry theme (if any)
  • Declaration - The entry you submit to this competition was designed and prepared by myself and produced by myself: YES / NO
  • The applicants must produce all entries and if the entry submitted is not applicants own creation organizers hold rights to disqualify.
  • Each competitor must supply with a balance 5 star 3 course (Starter, Main and Dessert) airline meal suitable for First or Premier class.
  • Each meal must be prepared hot or cold dish up appropriate dish and photographed (JPG) Then they must be clearly identify according to the meal type.
  • All applications should be submitted to the following address via email. team@apot.asia
  • Once applications are submitted to the above address, organisers (APOT.asia) reserve rights to use these information for further marketing or advertising purposes.
  • Chefs send their applications via email to: team@APOT.asia

    Selection procedure:

    • Judges decision will be the last and no further explanation or complain will be accepted or provided to any concern applicants applications.
    • 6 highest scored finalists applicants will meet at the final round held during APOT.asia forum held in Bali on October 22nd 2017

    At the location:

    • Organisers will not provide you with the chefs jackets for cooking in the kitchen, finalists must provide their own chefs jackets and all jackets should be in white and black trousers. Jackets needs be with no marketing branding, only your name can be displayed.
    • Sponsors will provide the jackets, finalists must provide their chefs jackets sizes
    • 6 chefs from local caterers will accommodate with competitors to familiarize local produce and other requirements.
    • Official Cameraperson will be taking pictures of your dishes and will be using these on www.APOT.Asia web site.
    • All required products must be carried by the competitors and basic ingredients and equipment will be provided by the hotel


    • Six finalists will be participating at APOT.asia Culinary Challenge 2017
    • Local caterers contacts will be provided to the finalists to familiarize if any local requirements.
    • Competition Briefing will be held at the host hotel Lobby Lounge at 7.00PM on the 15th July 2017.
    • Cooking station raffle will be drawn during the briefing.
    • All related information will be distributed at this time, all competitors and judges must attend to this meeting.
    • Uniforms, and all related needs will be distributed at this time and all competitors and judges must attend to this meeting.
    • Competition will be held in the hotel kitchen on 16th July 2017
    • Competitors must be reported to the challenge kitchen at the allocated time only. 10 points will be deducted if the competitor arrives to the kitchen more than 5 minutes before or after the allocated time.
    • Each competitor will be given two hours to produce three-course meal suitable for premier class in a full service airline.
    • All finalists must submit their menu at the briefing to the judges in a sealed envelop. This will be opened at the start of the cooking and competitors can and must produce only the dishes from this menu.
    • Menu can be accompanied with additional explanation, specifications and recipes to help judges understand more about the dishes.
    • If the competitor make any changes to the menu on the day will be disqualified. (such an unavoidable event the competitor must discuss the changes with the chief Judge and must receive approval before the change made)
    • All presentation and decoration can be bought in but Judges will judge only the food placed on the plates.
    • Hotel will be providing the main meal dish and a selection of other dishes for the competitors to select if needed.
    • Competitor must display food on an appropriate crockery to suite the airline service.
    • All competitors must use the main plate provided by the organisers to dish up the Main course.
    • Competitors can select other plates (if required for starter or dessert) from the hotel on the briefing day. These are only to use for first course and the third course, competitors can bring their own and these dishes can only be judged according to the judging criteria. (Must be suitable for commercial Airline First or Business class cabin)
    • Competitors must lease with local nominated represented person re entry passes and related information regarding kitchen floor, equipment and other local information – (to be finalized and will communicate with the finalists)

    At the Kitchen:

    The menu that was handover on the briefing should be produced and presented changes to the menu can be a disqualification.

    • Competitors should bring all the ingredients required and basic ingredients will be provided by the organization. Finalists will be receiving this list two weeks prior to the competition via email.
    • Two competitors will be competing in the kitchen at one time.
    • All competitors will be provided with a chef jacket for the presentation ceremony. Individual competitors must provided with black shoes and black pants
    • To use during the hot and cold cooking all chefs must bring their own uniform. These uniforms must remain no company logos or names.
    • All competitors will be given 2 hours to prepare and serve;
      • 2 x Three-course meal suitable for first or business class passenger
      • One dish for tasting.
      • One dish for presentation display and photograph.
    • Competitors should be arriving at the kitchen lobby 15 minute prior to the competition start time then organisors will direct them to the working station set up their stations.
    • Only the finalist can be work in the kitchen
    • Cooking of all dishes 2 hours.
    • All competitors must wait till the judges bell to start the challenge.
    • Judging point system
    • Total points calculated from 100 as below
      1. 30 - Presentation
      2. 30 - Correct cooking methods and taste
      3. 10 - Authenticity and originality
      4. 30 - Realistic serving suggestions in the First two course can be presented to judges 10 to 5 minutes prior to the finishing time, dessert must serve within the allocated time.
    • Points will be deducted from any over five minute delay dishes will be disqualified. (There will be no negotiation, all rights reserved by the Judging panel)
    • All competitors must leave the kitchen after cleaning the workstation as how it was found before the competition.

    Common market products table will be available at the kitchen door.

    All ingredients and specialist equipment can be bought in according to the recipe provided.

    At the presentation of the dishes competitor must explain individual dish to the judges in English. (Competitor can accommodate your own translator or a speak person if needed)

    APOT.Asia Culinary challenge 2017 winner will be announced at the closing ceremony and APOT.Asia Chairman will be handing the Challenge trophy to the winner.

    A short video presentation of the kitchen will be screen prior to the announcement of the winner.

    All competitors and Judges must come to the presentation in the chef jacket's with your own company logo. (white jacket black pants)

    Winner will be given 2 minute after the presentation of the award for a speech.

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